RWP02 Commander Murdo's Taranis Tank


This unique variant of Tracked Taranis Main Battle Tank is based on IAF100B.  It is the character tank belonging to Commander Murdo a hero of the League of Canlaster and brother of the heroic Baron Aldo Murdo who can be found in code IAF013.  You can purchase it as normal but it is a Rewards Programme item which can be selected during your checkout from your accumulated rewards points with us and with the use of 2000 of those points we will add it FOR FREE to your order for worldwide shipping at no extra cost.

RWP02 Commander Murdo's MBT

This pack contains one resin heavy vehicle with white metal components. This isa character vehicle which saw action fighting for the League of Canlaster on New Bosworth one of the biggest campaigns of the Prydian Civil War.  It is a modifed command vehicle with extra stowage and twin Ron hi-ex cannons as well as a rotary Moth 88 and additional armour against infantry AP weapons and comm suite.

Assembled this model is 95mm long and 70mm wide (30mm tall).  It is a very large and impressive main battle tank of the far future. The kit comprises a unique upper hull with added detail, a unique turret with twin hi-ex cannons, a standard lower hull, a standard left tracked sponson, a standard right tracked sponson and a secondary weapon to mount on the turret. Only six pieces to assemble with ease!

Taranis Tanks often use Drones for added protection:  See IAF081 for these.

Supplied Unpainted and unassembled. A Taranis Tracked Main Battle Tank in 15mm scale.  As you can see it is a very large vehicle. Miniatures shown with it are shown for scale only and not supplied.  Painted in League of Canlaster colours.

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