IAF080 SuperBlue Adder

This pack contains one resin vehicle which requires assembly. This is a unique Adder variant which has repulsar drive (anti-gravity) giving it excellent speed and agility as well as thicker armour and a powerful Valerin Laser Cannon for accuracy and armour killing ability. Crewed by the best Muster pilots around the SuperBlue is an armour hunter that can operate on its own or in squadrons taking out larger vehicles that any other Adder could manage perhaps even a Taranis tank. Codename SuperBlue.

Assembled this model is 65mm long and 40mm wide at its widest point. The kit comprises a one piece hull as well as a one piece turret with weapon and a unique base to mount the vehicle upon that takes it 5mm off the table. Only three pieces to assemble with ease!

Supplied Unpainted and with unique flight base.  Please note that the later images (after the image showing parts supplied and dimensions) are for comparison only and scenic pictures showing items other Ion Age items these other items are not supplied and are for pleasure and scale purposes only. For more information refer to The Ion Age Blog.

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