IAF044H Turret Connectors 2 Pack

Give your connector corridors and Habitation Complex sets some firepower. This end piece of connector has a turret mount which will fit any of our IAF015 weapons such as the sentry gun, the missile pod and the flak cannon. Supplied with missile pod. These pieces are highly detailed and made to fit onto the standard blank door connector plate on the IAF015 Hab Dome and the IAF040 Block House as well as any other IAF044 and IAF061 codes. It measures 30mm across and is 30mm tall (without weapon added) with two four pieces in the pack (two turret connectors and two missile pods). High quality grey tone resin. All interchangeable and with all endless complex assembly opportunities. Suitable for use in any 15mm scale science fiction wargaming setting.

Buy one or buy three and save 10% off list price.

Supplied Unpainted.  Scenics other Buildings and miniatures for scaling information in images and are not included.