HOF28A Charger MkII APC - Wheeled

This pack contains one resin vehicle from Alternative Armies HOF Range.

Assemble one 15mm scale six wheeled Charger vehicle kit as an APC or turreted APC variant hatch open or closed. The Charger is the workhorse military and police transporter of the Human Colonies and Terra.

Parts are: Charger Hull, Charger Wheel Unit, Options Sprue (APC Top, Turret Top, Hatch SFA Crewman, Closed Crew Hatch). Approx 60mm long, 30mm wide and 35mm tall when assembled. Very easy to assemble and great value. Make yours a military vehicle or law vehicle or an infantry fighting vehicle.

Supplied Unpainted and Unassembled. Please note that the group image is for comparison only and scenic pictures showing items other Ion Age items these other items are not supplied and are for pleasure and scale purposes only.