HOF130 Uplifted Yeti Platoon (Liathadyn Stormbrothers)

White metal miniatures from Alternative Armies HOF Range.

This pack contains four 15mm scale white metal miniatures in different poses. Three hulking genetically modified and bred creatures uplifted to sentience known as Liathadyn Stormbrothers. Each carries a large calibre rotary chain gun with bayonet and is dressed in fixing plates and loin cloths as well as feather adornments as Yeti are organised into 'family' troops.

Pose one has its weapon raised, pose two is advancing with weapon to the side and pose three is readying his weapon. Pose Four the female handler is dressed in minimal armour and carrying an assault rifle wearing feathers and gear to mark her as part of the Yeti troop.

Each Yeti is approx 30mm tall.

Choose from a pack, three packs with 10% saving or single poses from the code. Supplied unassembled and unpainted without bases. Please note that the group image is for comparison only and scenic pictures showing items other Ion Age items these other items are not supplied and are for pleasure and scale purposes only.