Happy Burger Bots! All Four Robots in a Set

Featuring in our fiction the Happy Burger Chain is to be found all over the Prydian Precinct and now you can get yourselves the four bots we made in the IMP monthlies as a set on our website as a special code for just 2.00GBP saving you off the regular price of the three figures (2.40GBP).  You can also select single poses from left to right at just 0.50GBP each.

Here is a list of the miniatures in this special set.

IMP19 Happyburger Bot

IMP23 Vending Bot

IMP34 Clown Bot

IMP47 Bin Bot

This code comprises three different 15mm miniatures in white metal.  These miniatures are all from the IMP free monthly miniatures range.  From the Year One Collection, the Year Two Collection, the Year Three Collection and the Year Four Collection.

Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.