Adder Combat Tankettes Mega Bundle of Fifteen save 25% (Mixed three of each)

£52.50 £39.37

This special bundle offer will expire on 1st October 2018 when orders ship worldwide.  Save 25% off normal prices.

You will get fifteen kits of IAF164 Adder Combat Tankettes three of the Red, Yellow, Black, Orange and Green.  Refer to each single vehicle for additional information on these 15mm scale resin and white metal kits.  Here are the bundle choices.

1. The Mixed Bundle (Three of Each Type)


This pack contains fifteen white metal and resin 15mm scale vehicles. Once assembled each is 50mm long, 35mm wide and about 25mm tall.   Contains an Adder Hull, a left tracked sponson, a right tracked sponson and a turret along with all separate parts. Very easy to assemble.

The Adder is the standard light ground vehicle for the Planetary Militia and Muster in the Prydian Army and the forces of the Marcher Barons.  The Adder can be had in Wheeled variants, Lifter (Hover) variants both in five types (Red, Yellow, Black, Orange and Green) plus the Grey Adder APC types.  Refer to codes IAF035 and IAF036.

Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.  Please note that the group image is for comparison only and scenic pictures showing items other Ion Age items these other items are not supplied and are for pleasure and scale purposes only.