Free Miniature of the Month Showcase

Every month we offer a free miniature in any order placed.  Each miniature lasts for one calendar month and at the end of the month it is removed from free and placed aside into its Yearly Collection (released as a set in late August).  This makes them collectors objects and some wargamers place a number of small orders in a month as we supply one of the current free miniature automatically in every order; no limit per customer  You can also purchase the miniature on the new releases list on the home page of this website (you get one free in that order too!).  We have been asked to provide a list of the former and current free miniature so that IonFan's can see what they have and what they might have missed. 

We have really enjoyed giving you free monthly miniatures and we are now announcing that come August 2017 and the release of IMP48 and the Year Four Collection that we will be ceasing the monthly free programme.  The Reward Points remain and new releases will continue.  Go HERE to read more on our blog.

So in reverse order beginning with the most current here are the IMP series of free monthly miniatures:

IMP48 Baroness Julanne of Canlaster

IMP47 Happy Burger Bin Bot

IMP46 Female Retained Knight Errant

IMP45 Female Khanate Legionary

IMP44 Malig Egg Thief

IMP43 Female Muster Banner Bearer

IMP42 Commander Gongji

IMP41 Baron MacCauld

IMP40 Rudolph Reindeerbot

IMP39 Grim Reaperbot

IMP38 Male Adventurer

IMP37 Prang Ambassador


IMP36 Prefecta Aimar

IMP35 Cybernetic Retained Knight

IMP34 Happy Burger Clownbot

IMP33 Planetary Militia Female Officer

IMP32 Hand of the Duxis (Female Tech)

IMP31 Padraig O'Malig

IMP30 Xin Monkey Bot

IMP29 Cold Climes PM Sergeant

IMP28 Missiletoe Claus

IMP27 Florian Pumpkin Spore

IMP26 Female Nox Trooper

IMP25 Muster "Cutter" Trooper

YEAR TWO COLLECTION - From here down

IMP24 PM Demolition Expert (August 2015)

IMP23 Vending Bot (July 2015)

IMP22 Malig Campaigner (Space Goblin) (June 2015)

IMP21 Planetary Militia Drill Sergeant (May 2015)

IMP20 Female Legion Officer (April 2015)

IMP19 Happy Burger Bot (March 2015)

IMP18 Xin Youxia (February 2015)

IMP17 Far Trader (January 2015)

IMP16 Chrimbot (December 2014)

IMP15 The Witch Knight (November 2014)

IMP14 Female Retained Veteran (October 2014)

IMP13 Alouten Veteran (September 2014)


YEAR ONE COLLECTION - From here down

IMP12 Starvaulter Instructor (August 2014)

IMP11 Female Adventurer (July 2014)

IMP10 Malig Tank Ace (June 2014)

IMP09 Retained Sniper (May 2014)

IMP08 Muster Girl (April / Salute 2014)

IMP07 Female Muster Patrol Officer (March 2014)

IMP06 Xin Envoy (February 2014)

IMP05 Winter Musterman (January 2014)

IMP04 Santa Desteria (December 2013)

IMP03 The Knight of the Dead (November 2013)

IMP02 Retained Knight with Bionic Fist (October 2013)

IMP01 Retained Knight kneeling in cloak (Aug / September 2013)