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Welcome!  On this page of the website you will find all of the free files for download which are hosted by us in support of our games such as Patrol Angis.  Have a look and if you see something interesting just click on the link and have it downloaded to your device right now.  Enjoy and if you wish to see something added here please contact us on and let us know.


Using Yeti in Patrol Angis.  A two page article written by Aris Kolemainen which gives you setting and statistics for the Liathadyn Stormbrothers big creatures who will fight for any master. Click HERE.

Enjoy a tale set in The Ion Age a free article by our good friend Aris Kolehmainen. An interview with a hero of the Desteria Knights who is not quite what he seems. A fine read and it is followed by game statistics for using the character of Lord Pompous in your games. Click HERE to download this free four page article from our website. The Interview contains a first person story as well as game rules.

Patrol Angis Errata. An eight page free article which outlines answers to common questions and much more for the Patrol Angis series. Covering the core book as well as Callsign Taranis and elements of The Khanate Return plus other minor armies it is the result of four years of play. Compiled by Aris Kolehmainen its contents Download the article from our website by CLICKING HERE. As with all expansions you are free to integrate these amendments to the published books or to ignore them within your playing group.

Client Races and Skills for the Khanate Empire
A six page free article which gives you additional rules for use in Patrol Angis for both the client races (Maligs, Nox, Beotan and others) as well as a list of general skills, gear and traits which can be used by all troop types. A great resource written by Aris Kolehmainen which adds right into (from page 29 onwards) IAB03 The Khanate Return. To download it from our website

Play your games of Patrol Angis with the special Baron Murdo's Taranis Tank using this two page article. CLICK HERE or visit our Rewards Programme PAGE for details about this vehicle which can be bought or redeemed with points.

Players of Patrol Angis using the heavy vehicle expansion title Callsign Taranis are most welcome to CLICK HERE to download from our website a free article with game statistics and more in it for use of the new Tracked Adder Tankette's in play.

Players of Patrol Angis using the heavy vehicle expansion title Callsign Taranis are most welcome to CLICK HERE to download from our website a free article with game statistics and more in it for use of the Grey Adder 'Battle Taxi' APC's in play.


Back in March 2018 a Patrol Angis event was put on at the Arcticon Convention in Indiana and it is my pleasure to present to you a free download of the campaign which was played. A three page document for Arcticonus Prime played on the day. Click HERE to download. 

By Sword Short and Long – Click HERE to download the scenario as a free multiple page PDF. This free full length Patrol Angis scenario sees talks with a Xin Trader go wrong for a lance of Retained Knights as they are attacked by a horde of Maligs. It is tight quarters combat but will the powered swords of the Knights and their Duxis Battlesuits be enough to compensate for the great goblinoid numbers? A close combat intense scenario which takes placed in the Camarthen stellar cluster after the activation of the Matter Gateway. Will they cut their way clear? Find out now. To play you will need a copy of Patrol Angis and The Khanate Return.

This free six page article runs you through the process of putting together four different platoons of infantry, transports, armoured vehicles, battlesuits and more to create a versatile force. The article includes four pre-filled rosters one for each platoon as well as the guide and some pictures of the miniatures for the force. Links are included to other free articles which will be of assistance as well. This is part one of three linked articles. Click HERE to download the article from our website and to see and learn more.

Name of the Roaz – Click HERE to download the scenario as a four page PDF.  This free full Patrol Angis scenario sees the Quarrel Company travel to Mallum IV on the request of the reclusive Baron Abbo for a mysterious task only to be dropped into the midst of a new planetary war between the League of Yordan and invading League of Canlaster forces. Abbo is dead but it turns out there is a data slate of incredible value which the small Quarrel Company detachment must sneak out of the Baron's underground hab complex..but will they escape before the Leagues bring the place down around Diodine's head?  Find out now.  In order to play you will need a copy of Patrol Angis and Callsign Taranis you can get these in print or as digital download HERE


Fielding the Quarrel Company and Diodine Sparrow in Patrol Angis.  Download HERE.  A one page article taken from the building 'Baron' book.

Once More to Grapple – Click HERE to download the scenario as a three page PDF. This scenario is a larger one with three platoons on each side and sees the Prydian Army under the command of the knight errant Briona Sullivan of the Barony of Messena trying to stop a Shia Khan infantry force in Manus APC's with Pugnus light tank support from breaking through. If they do then they will be in the side of the main Human positions that are facing into the Chivers Zone and the oncoming masses of the Styx Legion. The scenario includes background and set up along with recommended force compositions and special rules. There are also recommended miniatures and designers notes too. This large scenario requires the use of three books in the range those being Patrol Angis, Callsign Taranis and The Khanate Return. You can get these in print or as digital download HERE

You can download some free Condot and Barony files from us HEREHERE , HERE and HERE



Play as Xin in Patrol Angis.  Download the free play test rules from us HERE.


We have the Prang Raiders who are seekers of plunder and adventure outside of the home Progea star cluster which lays beyond the edge of the explored Prydian Precinct.  Download a free PDF for using them in Patrol Angis from us HERE. We also have the Prang Army composed of the regular soldiers of the Prang who have come to Prydian Space to stop the raiders and to aid in the fight against the Shia Khan. Download a free PDF for using them in Patrol Angis HERE.

We have now added VNT35 and VNT36 from Alternative Armies which give you an interesting option for these monsters in your games of Patrol Angis as the Sandworms of Ymel.  Click HERE for a free article for using them.

The HOF 15mm Security Force Alpha vehicles are from Alternative Armies for sale on The Ion Age for use with Patrol Angis.  Download an article on this by Andrew Thomas by clicking HERE and we recommend using Planetary Militia with these vehicles.  

A short article on the Metaborgs of the first Khanate War with statistics for Patrol Angis.  Read it HERE.


Force Building and Tactics in Patrol Angis by Aris.  Download HERE.  A five page article and a great read.  By Aris Kolehmainen.

Mullo AFV and APC medium vehicles in Patrol Angis.  Download HERE.  An article with game rules for the Mullo 2.0 vehicles!

Using the Tohlic Armoured Crawler in Patrol Angis.  Download HERE.  A five page article with rules, fiction and more.

There is a folder of free resources for Patrol Angis Download HERE.  Check out the other pages on the website for free files for other factions for Patrol Angis.

Scenario: Get Vic Dobson's five page umpire driven Celesta Lament scenario HERE.



Reviews and AAR's of Patrol Angis.  An expanded QRS for Patrol Angis by Jason Smith HERE. A video play though of Patrol Angis by Dorkside Cookies HERE. Visit 'Conflict Cornucopia' blog.  HERE.  'Beightons Shipyard' HERE. After Action Report (AAR) by Conflict Cornucopia blog HERE.  Note these show the older cover of Patrol Angis but it is the same book. A Patrol Angis AAR by Rod Forehand on our blog HERE  An in depth review of Patrol Angis by Just Play now HERE February 2017.