15mm Shia Khan Army

15mm Shia Khan Army

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The Khanate Army is composed of endless troops who pour from the Matter Gateway in the Camarthen star system.  The main military structure of the Khanate is the Legion.  Each legion has thousands of troops who are in the main Legionaries in their distinctive reflective glimmer suits and breather helms, with Pioneers with extra armour but there are also the Nox, power armoured elite legionaries, Warlords who are huge brutes with massive firepower and Psycoborgs robotic weapons of terror.  There are also the verminous Maligs who swarm to the command of the Legion and are used as cannon fodder and to tie down human troops The Betrayers who are humans coerced or mind wiped into fighting for the Khanate.  Then the Beotans who are savage lycanthrope warriors used for cold climes and city fighting.

Legion uniforms are typically single colour suits such as the red of the Styx Legion or the green of the Medusa Legion with a black or white helmet.  Officers sometimes have elaborate golden weave and cloaks. 

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