15mm Publications

15mm Publications

Welcome to the 15mm Publications page of the website. Here you will find Patrol Angis our 15mm scale skirmish wargame title as a book and as a starter game pack too.  A unique free miniature is included in the game pack!  Now we have Callsign Taranis the expansion to Patrol Angis as well as The Khanate Return with book bundles too with a saving.  We now offer the books as paid for digital downloads; just purchase and read!







There is a folder of free resources for Patrol Angis HERE at our dropbox.

The Xin Trade Fleet in Patrol Angis.  Get the free PDF HERE at our dropbox.

The Prang Raiders in Patrol Angis.  A free PDF from our dropbox HERE.

Reviews and AAR's of Patrol Angis.  An expanded QRS for Patrol Angis by Jason Smith HERE. A video play though of Patrol Angis by Dorkside Cookies HERE. Visit 'Conflict Cornucopia' blog.  HERE.  'Beightons Shipyard' HERE. After Action Report (AAR) by Conflict Cornucopia blog HERE.  Note these show the older cover of Patrol Angis but it is the same book. A Patrol Angis AAR by Rod Forehand on our blog HERE  An in depth review of Patrol Angis by Just Play now HERE February 2017.

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