15mm Prydian Army

15mm Prydian Army

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The Prydian Army is composed of many millions of Human soldiers from the vast Planetary Militia to the massed ranks of the steadfast Muster and the regiments of the proud Retained Knights.  There are other troop types too such as the super heavy Desteria Knights, the illustrious Starvaulters and more. The uniform of the Prydian Army is the famous red and white but these codes can be given any colours you desire for other Baronial Forces, Private Armies, Condots (Mercenaries) and more.

You can download some free Condot and Barony files from us HERE, HERE , HERE and HERE.  Enjoy!

Fielding the Quarrel Company and Diodine Sparrow in Patrol Angis.  Download HERE.  A one page article taken from the building 'Baron' book.

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