15mm Prang Army

Welcome to the alien Prang page of the website.

Here you will find all of the 15mm scale Prang, the creations of Eli Arndt, who are now part of The Ion Age.  

We have the Prang Raiders who are seekers of plunder and adventure outside of the home Progea star cluster which lays beyond the edge of the explored Prydian Precinct. The raiders are engaged in a hit and run campaign with the Human defenders of the icy world of Faercyle II who are defending it with a mix of Planetary Militia, Muster and other scattered formations.  Download a free PDF for using them in Patrol Angis from us HERE.

We also have the Prang Army composed of the regular soldiers of the Prang who have come to Prydian Space to stop the raiders and to aid in the fight against the Shia Khan. Download a now updated free PDF for using them in Patrol Angis from us HERE.

The Prang are amphibian aliens with the build of a great ape.  In miniature form they stand approx 18mm tall but are far bulkier than a Human miniature of our range in 15mm scale. See the image here.  Scale compared to a 10mm tall Bin Bot and a 17mm tall Elvish Legionary of the Khanate.

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